LightBurn and an Acer Chromebook

I downloaded LightBurn last night onto my Acer Chromebook 15, went to open it and got a pop-up saying it won’t work.
I have an eBay 50 watt laser engraver and an Acer Chromebook 15, is there a version of the LightBurn software that will work for me.
Thanks for any help.

The popup said “It won’t work”?

No, it was more like " not compatible with Chromebook".
I’ll take a look when I get out to the ranch.

Yeah, more detailed error messages would help. I think Chromebooks are on some linux variant, so it might be possible to get it running on there.

Cool thanks, I’ll get the actual message to you in about an hour

The strange part is that this laptop has windows 10. I just bought the thing for the lasermachine

a Chromebook running Win10? I thought google got rid of that idea

Is it a weird embedded version or something? Either way, with a win10 shell, it should be possible to get the necessary libraries and drivers installed to use it with Lightburn and your laser.

They usually run Chrome OS which is not a Linux distro and they don’t run Linux apps right out of the box.

I’ve realized that Chromebook laptop is a “barebones” system that is just making me mad!
I bought the thing new last week just for this laser engraver. OOPS! lol
I’m looking at my dell laptop that I already have VCarve Pro installed on for my CNC router and it has windows 8.1, a 64 bit operating system and installed RAM is 4 GB (3.89 usable)
If this one won’t work for me I guess I’ll have to buy something that will on Sunday.
Thanks for your help guys.

The Windows 8.1 machine should run LightBurn just fine. It’s not resource hungry on its own.

Very cool. It has plenty of space on it. I’ll take it to town tonight where I have better internet and download the software.
Thank you very much for the help.

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