LightBurn and Cubiio

hey, i have a Cubiio (I know its a bit plops but im having fun with it)

as the laser doesn’t connect to my laptop in guessing direct control of the laser using LightBurn is out but im wondering if I can export gcode files with power/speed and order of cut settings in that my unit would understand?



What software does it use?

iPad or android app, you can load gcode in via sd card to the unit but the current way is through Inkscape and is sub-optimal to the max…


Can you post one of those gcode files here?

I found this information on how to create gcode for the Cubiio;

It looks like the gcode output of Lightburn would be usable on the Cubiio.

You’d have to center your graphics around the origin, but otherwise it looks like it would work.

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