Lightburn and fiber lasers

Converting my CR10 didn’t work out so I bought a Raycus 20w fiber laser. For the most part its ok but the software that came with it is EzCad2. My opinion is that software is pretty much useless! Way too many problems and no help from the seller or manufacturer.

My question is, does anyone know if I can change to a GRBL control board and run the laser from LightBurn?

GRBL does not run nearly fast enough to manage galvo mirrors, and there are a lot of settings for fiber in general that require very fast and precise control. You won’t find a GRBL compatible driver for them that I know of.

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These guys sell the only aftermarket controller for galvo lasers that I have seen. It won’t get you LightBurn compatibility but they have their own software that you may like better than EZCAD.

Thanks for the information, I’ll check out the website!

Bjjcz are the only manufacturer of Ezcad software and if you purchased your machine with a genuine bjjcz control board and software it WORKS , i have used it since 2014 very successfully.

Unfortunately there are a HUGE number of machines coming out of China with pirated software and incompatible control boards

What brand name is on your machine , and where did you purchase it from, because in the UK I know of a number of suppliers who all provide excellent support when they provide the machines

It’s a Raycus 20w fiber laser. I bought it off eBay from a company in Canada, who claims to get them from China.

Raycus are a laser device maker, AFAIK they don’t make complete machines.

I suspect your machine falls into the category described by Viv

This is probably easy to confirm, a genuine Racus 20 w power source on its own costs about £4,000
Add to that a decent scan head £1,000
I think from memory bjjcz charge about £800.00 for the control board and a license for Ezcad
the cheap chinese box with card and cables etc £500
so before any profit or tax cost about £6300
If you are proficient to disassemble and remove the control card, contact bjjcz and they will almost definitely supply you a genuine control card and software ( FOR A FEE ) and one of their tech team will talk you through installation and setting it up.

If you are using vectors ie .DXF or .SVG to import into machine , as a result of autotracing from bitmaps , you will get crashes and a message saying your machine has exceeded its memory ( not exact wording )

To resolve , even in a pirated software , you need 8gb ram, and about a I3 or I5 processor

Alternatively reduce nodes as much as you can , there is nothing better though than a properly drawn image

Bjjcz will be able to confirm if control card and license are genuine from the serial number and the name of the supplier ( brand name on machine )

Ah…I’ll check the board.
Thanks for the info!

I am not in the habit of using forums , actually stumbled across Lightburn looking for software for my Kodama Trinus 3d printer / laser was hoping to use it to put logo and names on my ring boxes i post clients orders out in .
In USA are possibly the least expensive of the better laser manufacturers / suppliers
They are one of bjjcz main customers for the control boards , and have a really good technical team , they might be able to help and advise you.
If you need to buy a new machine i can highly recommend them , it is their UK counterpart who custom built my machine , and also why i know about the dodgy pirated boards .
Needham coding in UK were importing machines from China , and supplied mine , when the issues started it was me that contacted bjjcz and discovered Needham had been unwittingly sold pirated boards and software.
Fortunately Needham paid for and installed my replacement board and modified machine to accept it , without question.
Shortly afterwards they became the sole UK importer for Tykma , and are now actually part of the permanent marking group of companies.
I have had one of Tykma’s minilase machines on loan and did a lot of experimentation with their machine , it is way better than my Chines version and extremely versatile , see attached examples of what can be achieved with it. ( enhanced by hand to remove burn residue )

I’m pretty sure i have pirate software! It’s just acting too “squirrely” and the problem is never consistent.
I appreciate the info and will definitely contact them.

Oz, how much money is it gonna take for you to make lightburn possible for use with fiber lasers?!:money_mouth_face::smiley:

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How much money does it take to buy more hours in a day?

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hope you have a merry Christmas bud. appreciate all your hard work.

Move to Venus. You’d get 2850 hours in a day. But then there’s that little problem of an unbreathable CO2 atmosphere, corrosive clouds, 450°C days, and, well, nothing to eat and really crappy internet access. But you’d have more time!

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Probably cheaper just to upgrade the speed of light.

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