Lightburn and FS Muse Laser

Whenever Lightburn adds a “print to” function, it should work with the Muse laser, as supposedly the Muse accepts “printing” from other programs. I haven’t actually tested this, however.

The Muse software, re3, is probably one of the most difficult, slow and frustrating programs I have ever used and is so poorly designed. This is in contrast to Lightburn (which I have used with a diode laser) which is an absolute joy to use. Thus, I have been anxiously awaiting both the “print to”, PDF export function with every Lightburn update, but alas, this has not happened as of yet.

You could suggest to Full Spectrum that they allow LightBurn to support their machines. Full Spectrum has very strongly worded reverse engineering clauses in their EULA, and they have a reputation for sending in the lawyers, so unless they give permission we won’t touch them.

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