Lightburn and multiple lasers

I upgraded to DSP version for an OMTech with Ruida. Now my k40 doesn’t go to origin repetaedly and does’t cut itens as layed out.

Have you chosen the respective profile for the different machines?

I haven’t set up the new machine yet since I’m still preparing a space for it. That will happen later this week.
Maybe thats the issue even though I do have the k40 set up.

Ok, try accessing your gerbil-stm profile and see if it stands as it should, but it’s a little weird when you’ve not set up the machine yet that the LightBurn upgrade “changes” your K40 profile.

I tried the second computer i have without the upgrade and it still does the same random movements and cuts will over lap each other no matter where i start it at. im wondering about the control board C3D

It sounds like you’re just losing positioning when trying to run your job - there’s nothing about the license type you have that would affect that.

If you’re using a C3D board with the default config file, chances are you need to increase the motor currents a little. I think I bumped mine from the 0.6 / 0.8 defaults to 0.8 and 1.0 respectively.

I will give it a try! Just one question… why would it suddenly change?
I will advise what the result is.
Thank you again!

Nothing else has changed? None of your cut settings are different? Even dirt on the rails can mess with things, so it’s hard to say.

nothing I can think of. I used it quite a bit at Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything was always spot on and repeatable. I did tighten belts and clean slides as normal maintenance and even after that it was ok until just recently (last week).

Is there a setting to reduce head speed when it’s seeking another area to work? It’s amazingly fast and jerks the entire machine.

In the config file on the SD card, reduce the “default_seek_rate” value. (I think that’s what it’s called)

I’ll give it a shot.
Thanks Oz!

FYI, I decreased the speed of the seek travel and that helped greatly. Now what’s happening is it will go to a commanded spot using the Locator tool, set the origin, current position or absolute cords and on any one of them it will travel to a completely different spot to complete the selected part on the layout. The engrave or cut will be right on but not where its laid out. I have to move the laser material (if possible) to the area it decided to cut on.
My guess is I need to do the configuration adjustments that you provided above.

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