Lightburn and multiple machine settings

Is there a way to automatically set my canvas size to the machine I choose in devices? When I start Lightburn, even when plugged into one of my fiber lasers it defaults to my co2 canvas of 1300x900, then I need to open the dropdown to select between machines in the bottom right. Its not a big deal but Im sure it can be quicker if I could figure it out… TIA

The pulldown field is the device selection. Are you doing something different? Workspace size will correlate to the workspace defined for that particular device and will change accordingly to the selection.

The device that comes up automatically will be your “Default” device. If none is selected I believe it goes to the first laser defined.

I figured as soon as I selected a device, my canvas would automatically be selected and I wouldnt need to access the drop down menu. It defaults to my Bodor machine now and it doesnt appear to be set to the default machine, Its not a big deal, its just something that I have been thinking about for months, so I decided to ask around. I’ll keep playing around with it. I appreciate your reply!!!

How are you selecting the device separately from the pulldown? The pulldown itself should be your selection which will automatically change the workspace. You needn’t click the Devices button to change devices. In fact, that will not change the device.

From your screenshot it doesn’t look like a default has been designated. You can designate one in the Devices window by highlighting the device, then clicking “Make Default”.

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I feel like a fool now. I always selected the device first.
Now it all makes sense, thank you so much, I appreciate your time!

Haha. You needn’t feel that way. And even if you did better to feel a fool once now than for the rest of your life.

Anyway, hope this improves your life if even just a little bit.

The ‘Devices’ window is just for managing the devices you have, adding new ones, editing them, etc, but selecting one there does nothing. The drop-down box to the right of the ‘Devices’ button is the selector, as PY says.

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