Lightburn and Ruida Controller

I am trying to get Lightburn to work with my C02 Laser and I can’t figure how to get it working. I have the correct controller setup but if I draw a small square and either click ‘Send’ or ‘Start’ nothing happens. I have set the job up for 8mm speed at 80 %, but the LCD display shows 1mm… If I send the job to the controller it shows ‘Lightbrn’ which is the file name at 1mm speed , but no luck getting the laser head to move.
BTW the laser does work as I able to process a job using RD Works.
Not sure what I am doing wrong and help would be appreciated

First change the name of the file.
Does lightburn say you are connected to the Laser?
Send a couple of screen shots.

When installing LightBurn, there’s a driver at the end that you need to install the first time you do it (the FTDI driver).

Regarding the speed, most likely you’re in mm/minute mode. 8 mm/minute would be very slow, and the controller might limits the speed display to 1mm/sec or higher.

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