Lightburn and ruida rdc6445g, laser not firing

hi, i have just set up my new laser with the ruida rdc6445g controller and lightburn software. the laser will pulse but i cant get it to fire. i am using a s&a 5200 chiller and i have wired in the switch to the power supply. i have set the min power in lightburn and set the power in the controller but i cant get the laser to cut. what should i be looking for to get it to work as i am stuck. i have googled all i can and still cant get it to work. Please help.

I am confused. Is the laser pulsing / firing when you press the pulse button on the HMI? If so, then the laser is firing.

How do you have it wired to the power supply? To what switch? Please clarify and be very specific.

Go to Edit > Machine Settings, then scroll down to the Vendor Settings area at the bottom. Is Laser 1 enabled?

thanks for the replies, solved the issue. it was the mirror alignment. spent 2 afternoons aligning it, got it perfect then went back the next day to cut and it wouldn’t work. must have bumped it somehow unknown to me and thats why it would not cut. after many frustrating hours checked the alignment and it was off. learnt first thing check alignment before anything. this is my first laser so learning all the time.

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