Lightburn and top wisdon aligment

Hi everyone, im not sure this is aloud but i’m desperate. I have a Top Wisdom controller working with Light Burn. The location on the machine and Light Burn DO NOT match up, regardless of what is do and the settings i use. HELP!

Support for TopWisdom controllers in LightBurn is still very much in beta, and being worked on. The issues you’re having with positioning are among the things known to be problematic right now.

What, specifically, are you seeing? “Do not match up” doesn’t tell me if your output is reversed, misaligned, always cutting from the same place, etc. “Regardless of what I do” doesn’t tell me what you’ve actually tried.

Specifics will help us figure out if you’re hitting a known bug, or just having a settings issue.

Hi. Im a new user. I have set my machine up with the software provided. Everything worked fine, although basic as you know. I am now using the trial light burn program. The laser now conected via the usb cable does not align to the location of the picture on my pc. I seems to position itself in the same start postion. I have checked the bed size settings. I have trief the 3 options/settings with no success. Hope this helps? More than happy to answer further quedtions. Please be mindful im still learning. Thanks Tim

hi I’m also having same problem I’ve been using the software fine for a few months then. everything stop functioning right it frames in on spot then burn in another. ( if it doesn’t say out range). I have No idea how this happen and I hope I don’t have to buy a different controller because installing that would be another problem.

I’m getting the TopWisdom controller wired up to my new swap machine, so I’ll be able to properly test things much more easily. The pending release won’t update TopWisdom support, most likely, but I might try to squeak a fix or two in if I can do so safely and quickly. If not, there will be a short-hop release to follow with some TopWisdom changes.

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Today everything seems to be working fine again. Thank you I don’t know what you did but I’m glad you did it I appreciate the hard work that you’re doing to help a guy like me with very little experience thank you again

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