LightBurn atomstack

Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir si lightBurn fonctionne avec le laser atomstack mais surtout avec un BOB DDSM5V5.0 en usb. est ce possible de rajouter des dll du drivers en question dans lightBurn pour quil puisse prendre en charge ma BOB

From what I can find of the controller it’s unlikely to work with LightBurn, at least not directly. Seems it’s Mach3 compatible.

You may be able to use a two step process of generating g-code from LightBurn and running on the native software. It may also require some post-processing of the g-code for this to work.

The laser module portion of your question is irrelevant since LightBurn doesn’t communicate to the laser module directly. That’s handled by the controller. As long as the controller can drive the laser module it should be compatible.

Merci beaucoup pour la réponse et effectivement ca marche avec mach3
Mais quel carte existe sur le marche qui soit compatible avec LightBurne

Thanks a lot For the answer and indeed it works with mach3
But what card exists on the market that is compatible with LightBurne?

In terms of controllers that also serve CNC function the easiest is if you find a board that runs GRBL or one of its derivatives like FluidNC. Smoothieware boards are also well supported.

There are some people that run on LinuxCNC but that’s a 2 step process with g-code. No direct control. Don’t know if you can convert your current system to using LinuxCNC.

Outside of that there are dedicated laser solutions based on DSP technology from Ruida, Trocen and Top Wisdom that are supported.

Thank you very much for all this information.


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