Lightburn beep/alarm when project finishes

Is there a way in Lightburn to set an alarm or short beeping sound on my wifi connected laptop( in the living room) when the project is finished? Such an option would save me some time running to my laser(in the shed) to see how far along the project is. Searched but could not find an answer.

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The following is an old post but I do not believe Lightburn’s stance has changed.

raykholoRay Kholodovsky

Sep '20

Hi Jerry,

We will not add any features that encourage unattended use such as the job complete chime or remote camera monitoring:

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Well thats a problem. I often use a 1064 infrared laser to engrave metal…some jobs take multiple hours and i do not want keep standing next to the device for hours. A simple beep could save me time. I wil have to invent a device using an endswitch on the laser that warns me when the job is done. Lightburn can do nothing to prevent people leaving their laser unattended…so they would also not be responsible if an accident happens.

I sometimes wish I lived in the parallel universe where that was true, but it’s demonstrably false in this one.

Per Wikipedia:

I agree with the “don’t leave the laser running unattended”. You do know that the preview tool will give you the approximate run time of the job?

Wireless networked camera…

Yes i know.

That would also be possibel. Thanks.

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