Lightburn Bridge + Authentication

Does the Lightburn Bridge support authentication, or has anyone come up with a good strategy for doing this?

We would like to set up our Thunder Nova 35 for network access, but limit access to only those who have been checked out.

What authentication are you asking about?

Our documentation on the LightBurn Bridge identifies that;

The LightBurn Bridge was created by LightBurn to get around some of the limitations of Ruida controllers. Ruida uses the UDP network protocol, which does not guarantee data transmission, and is therefore not reliable enough to use over WIFI. Many computers no longer have a network port, and running a network cable is often impractical or cumbersome. In addition, Apple’s device driver for the USB connection to the Ruida has issues that often cause data loss.

The LightBurn Bridge overcomes all of this. It’s a Raspberry Pi running software created by LightBurn to act as a relay between your PC and laser. You connect to it using TCP, so the commands are reliably sent even over WIFI. The Bridge forwards the commands to the controller using a short network cable, and relays responses back to your computer.

The LightBurn Bridge is simple to configure, requires no drivers, and typically sends data 50% to 100% faster than a USB connection.

I think I clarified what I would like to do: We would like to set up our Thunder Nova 35 for network access, but limit access to only those who have been checked out.

I’m not sure what the section you quote has to do with my question.

This has nothing to do with LightBurn nor the LightBurn Bridge. How do you currently “limit access to only those who have been checked out.”?

I am sharing what the bridge is designed to address, thinking it might help your understanding of this product. It acts as a simple relay.

I understood what it was designed to address. I had no problem understanding the product. It sounds like your answer amounts to “no”.

LightBurn bridge does not have any secondary authentication, no. It is an always connected network device.

Maybe you can block the bridge ip via your router for those not authorized?

You generally want the bridge to have the same address when anything boots, releases or renews any ip addresses… if it doesn’t you will have to enter the new ip in lightburn devices.

Most routers have the ability to bind a mac address to an ip.