Lightburn Bridge Box not visible in the wifi networks on my Mac

I just got my Lightburn Bridge equipment. I plugged in the box and it is not showing in my network list to connect to. It says I should do this before getting into the setup wizard. I’ve unplugged and plugged back in and still no t showing up. Any suggestions?

You need to be able to see it on your network… or Lightburn won’t be able to see it either.

It should connect to the lan when it boots. It requests an address from your dhcp server, usually your router does this…

Both of mine worked, no issues… sorry I’m not sure what else to suggest…

Hang in there, someone will think of something for you to check.


Do you have a monitor or TV with HDMI connector that you can connect to the Pi? If so, plugin and take a photo of what you see there.

Can you confirm that the SD card is properly inserted into the Pi?

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