LightBurn Bridge Intermittent Connectivity

Hi. I’m experiencing difficulty today with Lightburn inconsistently connecting to my laser via LightBurn Bridge. I flashed the provided LightBurn burn image file to my raspberry pi 3 b+, followed the directions provided on the website, and got everything connected and working great. I used the laser every day for a few days without any connectivity issues until today. Im getting a “LightBurn Bridge not found” message at the bottom of the screen. I’ve made no network changes, device changes, or LightBurn preference changes of any kind. Any idea to what could be causing the sudden inability to connect my laser via LightBurn Bridge? Im doubtful that it is an issue with the pi itself because I bought it brand new for this purpose. So far I have tried resetting the raspberry pi, checking physical ethernet connections, and resetting LightBurn itself.

edit: I’m using a Ruida OMTech 80w Laser and a MacBook Pro

Try the 1.0.04 update. I found a “not quite a bug” in the code that handles the initial connection - basically it wasn’t waiting long enough for the response from the bridge, and if it didn’t reply back within 200ms, LightBurn would give up. The initial connection to the bridge could take up to a second or two on some WIFI networks, so that wasn’t nearly long enough, and has been corrected in the 1.0.04 version.

It seems this has resolved the issue.

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