Lightburn bridge not finding my wifi when trying to connect it on mac

Hey all!

I have a macbook pro and have been running my lightburn bridge for about 1-2 months now just fine. Today I am tryingt o use my omtech laser and it wont connect at all. Then the lightburn bridge connection popped up to select my WIFI name and password, but my wifi is not in the list at all. Any ideas why or best and fastest way to fix this?

Have you tried rebooting both the router and the bridge?

With the Lightburn bridge or any other wireless connection, you must be able to see it on your local lan. Lightburn can’t find it if it’s not on the lan…

If the system reboots, such as a power failure, it will assign the bridge the next ip available… if this happens, then Lightburn itself will not have the same ip as when you configured it.

Although the bridge is not static, the ip address in the device has to be match the lan.

The best method is to bind the bridges MAC address to the existing ip in your router. Then it doesn’t matter what boot first it will always assign the proper ip to the bridge based on it’s MAC address.

You should be able to see the bridge on your lan… I do this with arp-scan on my Ubuntu box…

sudo arp-scan

Although the output is rather confusing for the bridge, I happen to know it’s mac address and it’s displayed this way… You can always power off the bridge and check which is missing.	e4:5f:01:97:20:8b	(Unknown)	e4:5f:01:97:20:8b	(Unknown) (DUP: 2)

The address should be your gateway or the domains base address… Mine always comes up with a duplicate also… but the bridge lives at the 115 address.

When I configure the device name I include the ip as part of it…

Good luck