Lightburn bridge Pi OS Proper Shutdown?

I was wondering if there was a mechanism to properly shutdown the OS with the Lightburn bridge? A remote “Shutdown now” command?

Not currently. But there’s also not really a huge need for it.
Granted, I’m sure there will be people who strongly disagree with this but I’m not concerned about it.
I’ve run a ton of Raspberry Pi’s running services like what the Bridge provides and never done a proper shutdown on them with zero ill effects. I used to worry about it and with earlier versions of Raspbian and older SD cards but in the last 5-6 years I’ve never had an issue with corruption even once.
Note: just checked right now and there are currently 21 Pi’s connected to my home network. To say I use them a lot is an understatement. They run my home.

Further, the Bridge doesn’t really write to the SD card other than the service logs and I have that setup to be as gentle with the writes as possible. And those are just logs, there’s no real corruption concern.
We do write a config file to /boot but that only happens once at startup. Anything else that requires disk writes is actually writing to a RAM disk.

For anyone who sets up their own Bridge from hardware on hand, I will say this: don’t buy cheap SD cards. That’s honestly the biggest reason I’ve ever had an issue with my Pi’s over the years. I usually stick to SanDisk UHS-1 rated cards and I’ve never had a problem.


I think you just log in and shut it down, that’s what I used to do… As @adammhaile advised, they seem to be much more stable than before. I just pull the power…


yeah, if you really wanted to, SSH in and shutdown. But just pull power. It’ll be fine.
Though, you make me realize I could add a shutdown/restart option to the web dashboard. Restart might be useful at least.
In case you are scratching your head, browse to the ip or (http://lightburnbridge.local) in your browser and you’ll get a little dashboard. Shows you general status of services and lets you look at service logs.

The next release will have an option to ping the laser since sometimes people are having trouble connecting and the real issue is that they external network port on the machine isn’t connected :slight_smile:
And maybe it’ll have a shutdown/restart too…
And maybe camera support… but none of you would want that :wink:


Next weeks winning lottery numbers would be good in the dashboard :slight_smile:



Can’t guarantee next week’s, but I can confirm that the numbers will at some point, in some universe, be the winning numbers. That work?

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A note to @adammhaile, I posted in beta testers that I got a Canakit and set up Lightbridge on it.
Works OK, except

  1. it does not consistently show the file list on the Ruida controller.
  2. Dates in the logs are incorrect date/times.
  3. Did an SSH in, and all I got was a screen with the stats and log links similar to the web interface. How do I get beyond that simple screen to, say, shutdown or set date/time? Thanks.

Will have to have @LightBurn check on that one - the actual communication with the controller through the bridge is his expertise.

I’ve not done anything to have it be on a correct timezone - it’s likely still UTC.

Ctrl+C to exit out of the dashboard. lbdash to run it again.