Lightburn Bridge

I am trying to set my Lightburn bridge up. I have tried running the wizard and when it asks me to go to the 192.xxxxxxx page online I can never get any results. I have a IMac. Could something be blocking it?

When you first plug in the bridge, it doesn’t know your WIFI address, and presents itself as a WIFI network of its own. You connect your computer (or your mobile device) to that WIFI network first, then browse to that address from whichever device you used to connect to it. Have you done that?

So, for example, if you were using your computer to connect to it, you’d click your WIFI settings, choose the WIFI network called ‘LightBurn Bridge 1C4F’ (or something like that - the last 4 characters will vary) After connecting to that WIFI network, then you browse to When you do that, you should see the page that asks for your WIFI network and password. Set those, and click ‘Connect’ and it’ll log your device off the bridge WIFI, and connect the bridge to your existing WIFI network.

All of this is covered here, step by step:

Have you done those things, and it’s not working?

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