Lightburn burn the wood

I wanted to cut (15 layers) an ornament in a piece of plywood.
But Ligthburn divides the ornament into sections, which include some circles of 10 mm.
The problem is that Ligthburn runs ALL 15 layers at once and the small holes burn the wood.
Can I get Ligthburn to laser cut the entire layer and then cut a new layer.
I hope you understand what I have written :slight_smile:
Regards, Leif.

I think what you are looking for is in the optimizing options.

Click on the ‘Optimization settings’ in the Laser window. There is an option for priority, layer or group. Ensure this is set properly. I would assume layer. Then it will be processed in the order of the layers in the cut/layer window.

You can move the layers around

There is also an option “cut inner shapes first”…

Good luck


It is definitely a setting I have set incorrectly.
I have tried ‘Optimization Settings’ with no luck
I’ve chosen C00 black at the bottom of the screen, but I guess it doesn’t matter which one I choose.
Otherwise, I have to film what I do and post it on YouTube.
As you can see, I’m a beginner :slight_smile:

Can you post the .lbrn file? It would be easier to see what’s going on.

Merry Christmas.lbrn (418.6 KB)

I can’t look at your file because I’m on the road, but if you want to work with 15 layers, you have to give each layer its own color/property, or use sublayers.

no, it’s a pass count

I only see 1 layer. It’s set to line with 15 passes to complete each line. Do you need 15 with your laser to get through the material? Just my preference I would change the optimization setting to cut inner shapes first.

Begging to wonder if this is more of a communications issue to just getting to the problem…


The problem is that if it runs 15 times around 10 mm. hole, then it sets it on fire

What do you want it to do?


That’s why I asked you if it requires 15 times around to cut through your material? You can reduce the times around by double clicking on the layer and reducing the number of passes.

You could also ungroup the file and where you’re having problems put those lines on a separate layer to cur first or second. If you set it for 15 passes you’ll still catch it on fire though.

cut the whole layer first and then the 2nd pass and the 3rd etc.
see preview 2.37

yes it requires 15 passes

if it was a long line, it would have time to cool down before it had to start the 2nd passage

The only thing I can think of is right click on the project and click duplicate. Before selecting anything else click a different layer. Do this 15 times. Set each layer with the same speed power but set the passes to 1.
If you can do 3 passes without problems then do the above 5 times and set the speed power the same and set the passes to 3.

I will try that :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your help.

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