LightBurn burns circles fine one way, on offset shape other way it pauses

Hi All,

I can’t figure out what’s happening. When I first started testing, LightBurn and my gantry did nice smooth circles and cuts. I am using offset circles or squares with numbers or letters in the center. The"burn" setting is offset. On first pass it’s very smooth, on other pass, the laser reverse course in what I am guessing is the offset portion of the cut and it kind of “stumbles” and will momentarily stop in one place while cutting or engraving a circle instead of being smooth. The momentary pauses cause burning and small holes.

So far I have tried:

Checking belts for tightness
Slowing acceleration speed
Not using “constant power”
Allowing variable laser power for line after fill (it will do this occasionally on this setting too)

I’ve tried looking for backlash settings but cannot find it so no way to adjust.

Any help or ideas where to look would be amazing.

Thank you

Bumping because I’m unsure how to fix this.

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