Lightburn Camera 5MP 160 wont take a picture at all

I have the 5MP 160 camera, using a Macbook Air with newest OS, and an Ortur LM2 system and everything seemed to be going great. There is an image, the camera is mounted in a fixed stable location, I have it focused, but when I go to calibrate it sticks on “capture image” immediately. I am not sure if it matters, but the guide doesn’t give those angled pictures to use, it tries to get me to take a straight up and down picture even tho it’s a fisheye camera, and the camera is towards the back angled to see the workspace. I even tried using the pre-set settings for this specific camera, and went to align. It burned the discs in the 4 corners, but then when I try to capture the image of those discs it does nothing. It just seems like the camera doesn’t want to actually snap a picture.

I also checked and Lightburn does have permission to the camera through the Mac.

Any help would be appreciated!

This is entirely the issue it seems. Some change in Big Sur has broken compatibility with the cameras we use. I can see an error coming from the internals of MacOS, but the code in question is part of the framework LightBurn is built on, and not simple to inspect or change. I’ll be actively looking into this over the next while, but I can’t give a timeline I’m afraid.

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Time to take this Mac back to Apple then, this was 75% of the purpose of buying it! Back to Windows I go.

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