Lightburn Camera (8MP 120W)

Purchased the Lightburn 8MP 120W Degree Camera, installed per instructions and videos. Configs seem right, but the images are blurry (even after turning the adjustment knob on the camera). I couldn’t even get it to focus on the circles from the test page. I have a new higher-end Dell with 16 GB RAM, 11 Gen Intel I7 chip, and a newer video processor and USB 3.1 connection. I took my older HP laptop (left the camera the same as it was on the Dell) and ran it through the same setup and the images and capture came out a ton better. Any suggestions and/or do you think this could be a USB issue. As you can see I’m grasping at any straw here.

Are you using an extension cable or any kind with the Dell, or just the cable it came with?

Just the cable it came with. I did go and purchase an extension cable today, but it’s not hooked up yet.

If you run the Windows Camera app in full screen to focus first, does that work better? The live-feed camera view in LightBurn is optimized for whatever size the window starts at, so it can be tough to focus through that.

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