Lightburn Camera - 8mp 85 degree - Mac OS

Trying to calibrate camera the 85 degree 8mp. It sees camera and has image, but locks up when I click capture image.

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Lightburn v0.9.22

How do I resolve this?

Ok, started getting somewhere. Turned off my bed lights, covered my honeycomb, and held up a photography light filter to help with shadowing and it started registering photos. But, some of them showed up like a small circle in the area the dots were in. Is this new 85 degree camera still a fisheye? Or standard? It doesn’t look very fisheyed.

Interested to see the answers … I had the same issues with the 85, eventually got it through the setups. not 100% sure it’s right though

Completely ignore the images you get with the first couple calibration captures - they don’t have enough information yet to properly correct the image, so as long as you get a good score, that’s all you need to worry about. Sometimes they look really weird.

The 85 degree camera is actually a fisheye lens, but the relatively narrow view means that the effect isn’t very noticeable.

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