Lightburn camera 8mpx

Hi everyone, are there any new features for the 8mpx camera release?

I really need to stop opening my mouth about things that are coming. I end up spending so much time answering questions about it that it delays the actual thing. :slight_smile:

There are no new features, just the cameras. LightBurn has had a few tweaks to make sure that it can handle the increased resolution, and I’m looking at doing a couple more to reduce the load of the camera view on the system, but there won’t be much more than that specifically for the new cameras. I am looking at making improvements to the camera calibration and flow in general, but that might not make the cut for next release, depending on timing.

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Ok, so for a 1600x1000 table, the 5mp camera is fine?

It depends on the level of accuracy you want.

The 5mp cameras have a resolution of 2592 x 1944. That means less than 2 pixels of resolution for each mm of your laser area. The newer, 8mp cameras have a resolution of 3840 x 2160, so more than 2 pixels of resolution per mm of bed area, which will make it more accurate for you. If you want mm-level accuracy, the 5mp is likely enough.

Do not get the 60 or 90 degree lens for a work area that large, as their depth of focus is more limited than the 120 and higher lenses - you won’t be able to have the whole work area in perfect focus with the narrower lenses.

I need the best possible accuracy because I should cut plexiglass shapes with a printed sticker. if you tell me that the 5mp is okay, otherwise I’ll wait for the 8mp.

If you need “best possible”, with a machine as large as yours, I would wait for the 8mp. I would also check to make sure that your lid, when open, is very rigid and stable and does not bounce much, as the camera must be in the same exact position relative to the bed of the laser for the accuracy to hold. If the lid opens to a different spot by a mm or two every time you open, it will affect the precision.

How large are the stickers? There is another option that I want to create that is specific to “Print and Cut” usage, using registration markers in the file, and lining them up with your red-dot pointer. It has not been written yet, but it sounds like it might be a better choice for your specific usage.


It is precisely the print and size that I would like to make. My pieces should be at least 5x5 cm.

Are you doing an entire laser bed of them at once, or is the size more limited than that?

the work piece will be 100x100 cm

That’s quite large, so if you want the best possible accuracy, I would hold off a little - I want to try to do the registration mark adjustment soon, and I think this is a better choice for you. The camera could be accurate enough, but at that size, and with small items, you will want probably 0.5mm accuracy, and that will be tough with a laser that size.

so do you recommend the 5mp or wait for the 8mp?

I think this is your answer. :wink:

OK thank you very much

Hi, by chance did you do the test for printing and cutting?

but could this be fine?

If you’re using Windows, the only way it will work properly is if the camera defaults to its highest resolution when capturing. Most do not.

Plus, that is only a 75 degree lens. You may not get the full view of your large bed. You would need at least twice that size to get your whole bed.

And this?

This will be the issue if you are using Windows, which you have not identified.

How do you figure that? Lens angle affects how high you need to mount the camera to see the whole bed, not whether or not you can.