Lightburn camera alignment failure

Here are my settings and the final result. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here? It also grinds really bad when it jogs up the y axis.


The way the shapes are sent to the laser is no different for this - it’s just a LightBurn project file that’s built in, and scans some shapes, then draws outlines, so there’s nothing special about how it’s sent to the machine that would make it fail where others wouldn’t.

That looks like your acceleration is too high, or the motor current is too low, at least for the Y axis. The X axis (horizontal) looks like it’s all lined up, but the Y (vertical) is all over the place. I would try running a few simple jobs with a small shape at each corner of the work area (like a circle or square) and make sure it doesn’t skip when you do that, then go back to the camera alignment job.

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