Lightburn CAMERA Alignment

Okay, I have attempted several different settings and I have to guess this is a must live with. I have a Lightburn Camera 4K W 8MP with 85degree lens. I have a OMTECH 2440. The camera just will not stay aligned from one side to the other of bed. Check out pictures, dead on for center.

Target cuts,

Faint but showing actual cut to right and down.

Showing right and up,

Showing down and left,

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Showing up and to the left.

Can you confirm you’ve run calibration and alignment?

When you ran alignment, was the material height for the alignment targets at the same height as your current material? If not, parallax could cause a perceived shift.

If you’re confident about your alignment you can do fine tuning with the overlay controls in Camera window. It’s really best left for very small fine tuning but might get you enough to line things up.

Thank You, I have made no z changes. If I change camera settings, x shift or y shift, to correct problem on one side of the bed the other side gets offset the same amount. I bought the large bed so I could do production work. I want to line bed with several small items and produce while working on next setup.

Is the current material height the same as how you did your alignment?

You can also change width and height to affect scale.

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