Lightburn Camera Appears/Disappears

Just bought a used Thunder Nova 24 with a Lightburn camera. Camera appears to be on when I try it with Zoom, but in Lightburn it disappears whenever everything is shut down and restarted. Save settings did not work. . I’ve managed to get it running twice out of roughly 30 times, but then it goes away. I have tried the default setting as well as the other one to no avail.

When I have managed to calibrate it, it has to be on Standard lens. However, looking at the capture screen recently, appears to be fisheye, although it did work one time normally. See photo attached.

All wiring is good and I’m have tried all order of plugging it up with Mac off, laser off, etc.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Using a MacBook Pro running 12.1. 50gb of 200 used.
Camera is UVC 34068

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