Lightburn camera calibration issues

hey everyone im having troubles calibrating my camera made a video showing it in operation i hope i gave all the information you need to help me out if not let me know and i can fill in the holes thanks so much!!!

Your Y stepper is skipping - That was the weird buzzing sound it made when it jumped from the lower two targets to the third one. You’ll have to lower either the acceleration setting, or increase the Y motor current, possibly both.

im not sure how to do that. is it done in the firmware?

You can always start with a more “conservative” speed setting and then figure out your $$ values, (the most right thing, of course, would be to do the reverse to get familiar with all the parameters).

You would edit the config.txt file on the SD card that’s plugged in to the board. Cohesion3D has some guidance for this, as does the website for Smoothieware itself - it’s open source firmware, so there’s documentation available for it online.

There’s a value on the card called ‘acceleration’ - dropping that to 1500 to 2000 may help as well.

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