Lightburn camera calibration when angle is not 90º to the bed

Hello folks,

I’m trying to configure the camera with my 900x600 laser but I can’t, I’ve printed the pattern but I’m not able to finish the configuration. I suspect it is because the camera is not exactly 90º (zenital).

This is the view:

Any tips? Or it’s impossible to have this done

Sometimes I get blocked in the 3º step, another times in the 5º…

You may be having issues due to the honeycomb bed. Either try covering the bed or doing the lens calibration away from the laser entirely.

Also, note that hand holding the calibration pattern may allow you to tweak the placement and angle to improve scores.

I’ll try by removing the honeycomb bed + playing with the angles

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I think it’s better to cover the honeycomb with paper than to remove it because there will be a height difference.

Hello folks, finally I was able to configure it with the suggestions :slight_smile:

Is there any to share the camera config with the rest of computers I have?

You can export and import the config information if you right click in the Camera Control window.