Lightburn Camera, Can't Calibrate Lens

Hello All,

Lately my camera has stopped working with Lightburn.
I’ve tried re-calibrating the camera but the option to calibrate is greyed out.

If anyone knows a solution or possibly a setting I’ve overlooked it would greatly be appreciated.

Lightburn Version 1.2.04
LightBurn Camera-140 degree SKU: LB_CAMERA-2
120W CO2 w/ A Ruida 644XS Controller

See attached image for reference.

Thank you.

Try picking a different camera and then coming back to pick the LightBurn camera. See if that changes anything.

If that doesn’t work, can you confirm if the camera works outside of LightBurn?

  1. Cycling between the camera options does not change anything.
  2. The camera works outside of the Lightburn software.

See attached image.

Odd… Are you able to open the other Webcam in LightBurn?

No, neither the Lightburn camera or the embedded laptop camera will open in the software.

I’m curious if you’ve recently had a Windows update. Is it possible you need to revisit the security properties for the camera in Windows and reenable them for use in LightBurn?

Issue has been resolved.
The camera setting needed to be checked to “Default” rather than “Custom”
It had to be something simple.

Thank you.


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