Lightburn camera comparison pics?

I’ve already got a 110 degree lid mounted 5mp camera on my 900 x 600 machine that I bought before the LB calibrated cameras were available and I’m getting pretty poor definition. Wondering if anybody here has before/after pics of the Lightburn camera in comparison? - Thanks!

What before pictures do you want? I think I can get a screenshot from the LB camera though, if you’d like. I think I have the 120 degree lens.

A screenshot of the Lightburn screen in camera mode outta’ do the trick. I’m just trying to determine how much of an improvement if any the LB camera offers.

I have a 700x500 bed. The LB cams are easily blown out, so I turned the bed light off for this, but I have fluorescents in the ceiling above, so I can’t really do much about that. That’s a 4.25" square tile btw. Also the camera is mounted roughly 22" above the work piece here.

I can tell you that’s far superior to what I’m getting. Thanks Blake, much appreciated!

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