LightBurn Camera Features - A short Demo

“Camera, camera camera! I keep hearing about this camera thing.” What is the LightBurn Camera and what is it used for, you ask? LightBurn supports the integration of a camera into your current workflow to ease and enhance your laser projects.

Utilizing a hi-res camera, positioned over your laser bed, into your workflow allows:

  • Enhanced, more accurate placement of artwork on desired materials with visual feedback
  • Capture, Trace and digitize physical artwork into LightBurn

To see the LightBurn Camera in action, have a look at this short Demo below.


Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate seeing the potential of what the camera can do.

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This test was done by putting the paint stirrer into the machine, updating the capture overlay, drawing the text with LightBurn’s internal text tool, rotating and placing it over the captured image of the stirrer, and running the cut.

This is the kind of accuracy you can expect from a well focused and calibrated camera.


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