Lightburn camera help

I am trying to once again get my lightburn camera aligned, i had given up for a while and thought i would revisit it again but to no avail. I run the calibration just fine and the alignment process goes well, but when i try to place a number on the board right after alignment is lasers it about 1/4 inch lower than where i place it in the overlay view. I have tried the x/y correction but still cannot get it to burn where i place it in the camera view. I’ve had the camera for quite a while and was using it flawlessy for several months and all of a sudden the placement was off and i haven’t had any success since. Nothing has changed, nothing has moved the camera is rigidly fixed without movement. The test i did today was right after “alignment” and i didn’t even touch the laser. Does anybody have any suggestions? It’s been a while so im not too sure but i think i have the 180 camera.

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