LightBurn Camera Housing

Designed in LightBurn, using a couple of pieces of 3mm perspex and a handful of screws, we installed the LightBurn camera on our 1290 Hong Qiang laser today.

To fix it to the lid, we used a Noga Ball Joint, connected to a camera wedge plate, so it is possible to detach the camera, and replace it in exactly the same point without re-aligning it.




This looks damn good.

thanks Blake

it was surprisingly easy to model up in LightBurn

You should sell these!


thanks for the complement.

i believe LightBurn do have plans to release a housing. this one is a bit over-engineered.

for example the noga ball joint i used to mount it cost more than the camera!!!

but it’s such a game-changer adding industrial vision capability to a modest laser cutter.

love it.

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I’d buy one for sure

I’d totally buy one of those, looks great!