Lightburn camera is off by couple cms

So I just installed my 95 degree camera. The height is all good. Calibrated it twice and except for a couple 0.4 or so all other readings were less than 0.3 for calibration.

When I try to overlay and then cut on a small piece of wood, the laser cuts somewhere an inch away. This is even after calibrating couple times with good readings.

I have not moved anything, the door has remained open, not touched the camera, raised or lowered the bed, nothing…

I did look at another post with similar issues, the offset if not on either.

What do I do here?!

You did the camera lens calibration.

You also need to do the camera alignment.

That did it! Moral of the story, never reuse. I was using the alignment from the previous cut. I just redid the coordinates after calibration and it worked just fine. Love it!

Does it matter if I choose fisheye or standard lens when calibrating the lens? I have a 95 degree 8 MP camera.

The 8mp-95 is a standard lens. The “easy way” to tell is to look at something straight in the real world through the camera. If it’s straight in the camera preview, it’s not a fisheye lens. If it’s distorted, then it is a fisheye.

Got it, thanks!

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