Lightburn Camera Lenses

I was wondering about replacing the camera lens on the LightBurn original camera. I have purchased LightBurn camera which works fine but I wanted to know if it is possible to purchase the lens separate in the event that machine is replaced smaller or bigger and the lens can be replaced to accommodate the new setup. is it possible now or in the future.

The company that sells the camera will sell replacement lenses, but they do so in limited quantities. I plan to stock a few variants for replacements in the future, but haven’t done so yet.

I would like to buy in every size available to keep please us posted when available or where we can purchase the lens. Thanks

That is an interesting option idea.

Just purchased another camera from your site with a 140 lens plus I already purchased 160 this week and installed it works great, once this is installed I will be purchasing for my k40 Trocen controller. the 160 camera is mounted with 3d printed case which I moded for completely sealed enclosure instead of layers from the thingiverse acrylic version with tilt motion works great. the camera settings can be adjusted via software and adjust all the settings while LightBurn is open. which is great adjusting all camera settings in realtime like exposure and so on. can’t wait when you have all the lenses available for sale… another side note is there going to be an update to include head mounted camera setups maybe in the future as my machines all have nozzle cam monitoring the project in real time as they are burning or engraving that would be a cool option. like the ccd versions of machines.

Head mounted camera is something I’ll be exploring in the future, but not for a bit yet. Need to do a bunch of clean up and improvement to what I have already.

where do I suggest for features for lightburn? Cool feature would be to have an option for lightburn to move the z bed on the fly for example if the material is not flat or even then the z axis would move as its cutting accordingly to the head sensor to refocus on the fly. Sort of like z axis moveable laser heads. since it would only move minor mm.

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What you’re asking for is not possible at the software level - The controller itself would be required to manage this (like the metal cutting controllers) or you would need an external device that did this by itself, like this one: