Lightburn camera “malfunction”

I was in the process of installing my new Lightburn camera in my k40 laser after mounting, everything was working great during the lens Calibration and the first part of the alignment. After engraving the targets onto the test piece the camera would not take a picture of the bed, so I unplugged the usb and plugged it back in now I get a message that says “usb device not recognized, device has malfunctioned, please try again”. I even tried going back to the lens Calibration but when I select Lightburn camera from the drop down window the “next” button does not become available. Like I said everything was working and looking fine until I clicked capture for the targets. I’m not very tech savvy so I am at a loss as to what to do next. My operating system is windows 10. Thanks for any and all help with this.

Did you change anything between now and when in worked in the way it is connected to your computer? That error is basically saying that there is a communication error with the device. Which is usually due to a bad cable, hub, or something wrong with the USB port on your PC. are you using any USB hub or other cable in between the lightburn camera’s cable and your computer?
Have you tried a different USB port?

Did you add a usb extension between the camera usb and your computer, or do you have magnets close(even several inches) to the camera or usb cord? I don’t have the official camera, but I’ve found with mine those two things have caused issues with my camera. More than a few times during my lens calibrations I had to hit the capture several times before the capture would properly take.

My only connection to the computer is with the cable that was supplied with the camera directly into the USB port. Yes I have tried other USB ports all ending with the same result. The only thing on the table is the laser and computer side by side, so no magnets or anything that I am aware of. Nothing was changed from the time it was working and when it quit, I went straight from lens Calibration to camera alignment and when the clicked “capture image” for the alignment targets that’s when it quit. Thanks for the ideas, I really hope to get it figured out as this camera idea is a great asset to these lasers!

Do you have another computer you can check it on? Double check the cable connection as well - if that loosens you can get weird results.

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