Lightburn Camera Mount

I’m attempting to get my camera setup. We purchased the appropriate camera from lightburn, and the mount to fit. The mount says it has a lip that keeps the camera from sliding, but I can’t get my camera to lock in, and I’m afraid to “force it.”

Any suggestions?

Specifically, the length of the cubby in the mount is 2.432" and the camera measure 2.442" long with a set of calipers

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Maybe @LightBurn can help answer your question. Today is Memorial Day so maybe he is out on the patio with his BBQ :meat_on_bone: :cut_of_meat: but I have a feeling he will chime in shortly.

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I have seen one or two cameras “out of spec” with just a slightly longer body, and the mounts are 3D printed, so there is a small amount of variance there too - it’s possible that you got a slightly longer cam and a slightly shorter mount.

My suggestion would be to put a small dab of silicone or epoxy in the mount behind the camera, press it in, and let it cure. It won’t hurt the camera, it’ll hold everything in place, and if you only use a little bit in or or two spots, it’ll be easy enough to remove if needed.

If that doesn’t work, PM me and I’ll find a mount here that’s a proper fit (or adjust the file and print you one).

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