Lightburn Camera moves in housing

I am just getting around to installing the Lightburn camera & housing that was delivered a few weeks ago (ordered direct from Lightburn). My question is should the camera move around inside the housing like mine does? My camera moves quite freely from side to side in the housing, and I am worried that this will cause issues with alignment. Am I supposed to glue the back of the camera to the inside of the housing? There were no instructions in the box telling me to do this. If I glued the camera into the housing how would I replace it if it ever went wrong?

We’ve started including a small bit of EVA foam stuck to the inside of the lid.

To remove the faceplate, press on the feet from the underside of the mount - don’t pry them outward or they may break.

A little EVA foam, or some folded tissue both work well, and neither are permanent. I’ve also used a small dab of silicone or hot glue, as both of those are pretty easy to remove as well.

Hi Oz
There is already some foam inside the lid, but it doesn’t make contact with the camera. I will remove it and try to find some thicker foam to see if that works.

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