Lightburn camera no image in software

lightburn Beta 0.9.03 lightburn 90 degree camera

What OS & version?

c’mon Oz

surely you can diagnose this guy’s problem without any further details.

what’s happened to your psychic powers ?!!!


Windows 7 pro 64 bit

Were you able to select the camera in LightBurn? I run our lasers from a win7x64 laptop, and I had to install some drivers. I believe they’re posted here somewhere…

P.S. The ability to search and still post is super cool.

Yes I was able to select camera in lightburn. Tried that link yesterday for usb 2 did not work. Tried again this morning using usb3 link above and did not work. Went into the innos file and used the exe files some one else had suggested and it now works. Do not have usb3 but, hey, it works so I am happy.

Thank You
Roie Beard

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