Lightburn Camera Not Accurate

Hi there, i ordered a 120 lightburn camera and calibrated and did the wizard but no matter how many times i try, the camera is always off by about a 1/4" from where its positioned. Its been the most frustrating thing.

I chose the 120 camera during setup, did the wizard with my bed at the optimal focal point and correct settings. I dont know why it continues to be off. I would really appriciate any help with this.

Thank you.

The common cause of this is calibrating to the bed instead of the height of the work. The camera looks at the work from an angle so the distance between the height of the work and the bed can introduce an error.

If you adjust the bed height down on camera, you’ll see it appear to move toward the camera.

Perform your calibration at a bed height that puts the laser into focus on the top of your material.

If you’re doing several similar pieces in a repetitive way, you may find that using a jig of the same thickness as your finished project will locate the top surface of your work correctly.

I saw this a couple of months ago.

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