Lightburn camera NOT centering on projects correctly

I have run and re run the camera setup 3 times. All times the scores have been good and are within the acceptable range. I have followed all the steps correctly via the videos online and never had an issue with getting a good score. The PROBLEM is when im lining up a project on the bed its nowhere near centered. Most of the time I end up eyeballing it and running the trace feature over and over to get it right. Any suggestions on what the problem may be or things I can try? Many thanks in advance.

Well which way is it off? And by how much? What camera are you using? What LB version? What kind of laser are you using? What firmware?

Apologies I think I will add this info to my profile to make it easier.
Its off by 3 inches to the right and 3 inches…ish to the bottom.
Im using the chinese Yellow and black laser 60 watt with ruida controller
LB camera is the 140 degree version with a 700x500 bed

Is it only the position that’s off, or also the scale?

Are you using ‘Absolute Coords’ mode? You have to be for the camera system to work.

When you take a capture image, the surface of the material has to be at the same height as where the markers were when you did the calibration - just the focus height of the laser. Make sure you set the focus height first, then capture the background.

Could either of those explain the issue?

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