Lightburn camera not working when i hit update overlay

I have a 55w omtech laser but the camera is giving me problems i hit the update overlay but it wont work and not sure why all of a sudden its not working what can be the problem tryed other files to check it to see if it was the file but no thats not it any help would be appreciated Thanks

Check your Camera Control tab (window?), and in the drop down box toggle the camera to none and then back to your proper camera. This usually fixes any odd-ball issues with the camera for me.

As an aside, would love a hot key to update the overlay. Would also be nice to have an option to update the overlay once a second or ??? for the next 30 seconds. Would make positioning material much easier :slightly_smiling_face:.


I did try that before and it didnt work now both isnt working grrrr
The camera is only about 4 months or so old i know the other day the pixels was weird i hope my camera didnt just die after haveing it just a few months. Lightburn can you please help me with this issue. Thanks