Lightburn camera not working when i hit update overlay

I have a 55w omtech laser but the camera is giving me problems i hit the update overlay but it wont work and not sure why all of a sudden its not working what can be the problem tryed other files to check it to see if it was the file but no thats not it any help would be appreciated Thanks

Check your Camera Control tab (window?), and in the drop down box toggle the camera to none and then back to your proper camera. This usually fixes any odd-ball issues with the camera for me.

As an aside, would love a hot key to update the overlay. Would also be nice to have an option to update the overlay once a second or ??? for the next 30 seconds. Would make positioning material much easier :slightly_smiling_face:.


I did try that before and it didnt work now both isnt working grrrr
The camera is only about 4 months or so old i know the other day the pixels was weird i hope my camera didnt just die after haveing it just a few months. Lightburn can you please help me with this issue. Thanks

I also have an OMTech 55 W, where on the lid did you mount your camera? Do you have the original Lightburn camera mount? When I use this and install the camera in the middle of the lid then the laser would bump into it, I have it in the back of the lid but it’s never accurate even after a dozen alignment tests.

Mine is on the lid also in the front but it just stops working for every design. I never had any problems till that new update went back and put the older one up but didnt make a difference please any direction would be greatly appreciated

Are you using a USB extension cable?

I was but not anymore but still does it but i do have mac so i hear that could be a problem and havent updated to new lightburn cause of not working for my computer unless they fixed it was afraid to try

I tried this it was my morning fix i don’t close my pc at night but it’s not working now it will not even go back to the h.p webcam. running windows 10. ruida control

Im having the same thing

One thing that always fixes my connection issues is to unplug/replug my USB cable that connects to the laser’s webcam and the Ruida’s controller through a USB 3.x hub. That typically takes care of it but when it doesn’t if I close out Lightburn and then relaunch Lightburn after cycling the USB cord that has always fixed any connection issues.

I’ve always assumed it was power related (sleep issues), USB Hub flakiness, or the downward pull from gravity on the USB cable going from the laptop to the hub mounted inside the laser housing.

When it happens again, I will take a look at the USB tree (USB Tree/Device Viewer) and see if that provides any insights.

Hopefully the workarounds help…. If I find anything interesting looking at the actual technical details from USB tree, I’ll post back to let everyone know.

FYI. Running a Windows 10 laptop.

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