Lightburn Camera Resolution

I bought the 8mp 4k-W 95 degree Lightburn camera and wanted to check with everyone else on the camera image quality.

Bed size is 900x600 and the camera is about 34" above the bed/focus height.

Are these cameras for general overview and not necessarily fine detail?

Screeshot of camera overlay. Fo reference, the box around the “TEXT” measures 1" tall x 4" wide.

Zoomed in overlay.

Text detail test.

Computer camera software test.

Phone picture from same height as camera.

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That looks about like mine. I’m not really happy with it. I’m thinking of getting a different camera to try to get more detail also.

Mine has about similar results, but you might be able to do better with the focus, you can turn the lens ring to adjust focus. I also found my lens was a bit loose, so I put a few wraps of teflon tape (the white stuff for threads) on it to tighten it up.

I just purchased another usb camera to see if I can get a better image.

Tried that. This is the best quality I can get. Which isn’t bad and does a great job for large items. I would just like more detail for the smaller items.

If it turns out better, please post which one you are using and how good it is. I’ll probably make the jump too.

Will do. Plus more characters

@LightBurn is it possible to use 2 cameras? And be able to switch back and forth between them.

One in a normal position that overlooks the entire bed with the lid open. In my case 600 mm x 900 mm.

And another that looks at the middle of the bed when the lid is shut that sees a smaller area. Say 200 mm x 200 mm for the smaller items?

This would solve the issue at hand.

It is possible, yes - you’d have to calibrate / align one at a time, and export the calibration for each, then import the appropriate settings when you want to use a different camera (at least for the moment).

In preparation for the new head-mounted camera feature, I’m going to be changing how camera information is stored in LightBurn, which should make it easier to switch between them in future versions.

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A head mounted camera would be awesome!

Will this be in the near future?

Will you be selling a new style camera for this application?

It’s still a work in progress, and I don’t have a clear time frame for completion / release at this point, but “soonish”. I’m also still evaluating camera options. The ones we sell now will work, but the size & shape aren’t ideal for mounting to the laser head, so we’re looking at a few other possibilities.


Soonish is good enough for me!

Next question.

Obviously the camera will not be able to see the whole bed at once mounted to the head so will this system take a picture then move the head a certain distance take another picture until the hole bed is covered? Or at least an area that is selected by the user which could be smaller then the bed? Then piece together the photos for display?

If you are taking requests and a custom camera solution is in the works can I request leds mounted to the camera board to illuminate the bed/object?

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I won’t be designing a camera, just sourcing a few to try. Small ring lights do exist already, so it wouldn’t be hard to add one to your camera. It will do stitching when it’s done, yes.


I am looking for the calculator to see what camera I need to put, but an error appears. Can you help me?.


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