Lightburn Camera stopped working after 0.9.09 update

I have a 100w Chinese Red and Black Laser Machine. I bought the camera about a year ago. I just installed it a month ago. It was working fine until I updated the Lightburn Software 0.9.09. Now the camera will come on but it will not do the update overlay on the working place. I have turned off

When you say, “the camera will come on but it will not do the update overlay on the working place.” can you provide a bit more detail here? Does the camera show up as available in LightBurn?

Any new updates to your OS? Which OS are you running? When you. plug the camera in, do you hear/see a notification that you have added this device? Can you see the camera in your USB devices? Can you select it in the OS native camera application?

So the camera shows in the camera control on the right hand side along with the update overlay but will not show on the graph work space. Nothing has changed other then me updating the Lightburn to the 0.9.09

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated

Same here. Was working well until the .09 update, now the camer ‘UPDATE OVERLAY’ feature doesn’t work.

On a side note - Merry Christmas!

To the developers - Thanks! This software is awesome, I love it - not an understatement. Appreciate what you’re doing for the community.

I’m not going to be able to look at this for about another week, but I’ll try to have a look soon. This is very strange - nothing in the camera code has changed that I’m aware of, but there is a lot of other code that’s used all over. I’ll have a look when I can.

@LightBurn - FWIW, I have the latest v0.9.09 (downloaded from the site - not compiled myself) on my non-development laptop and update overlay works fine. Windows 10 with all the latest updates.
@Kelly465 - you never specified what OS you were running.
My one thought is that I did the camera calibration and setup with this version of LB… maybe it was something in the prefs file that changed @LightBurn that somehow broke it? Seems very unlikely.

It’s possible if you updated from a significantly older version (like 0.8.xx) that you just need to redo the camera alignment part. There’s a scale factor that is calculated now to make the output image fit perfectly with the work area, and if your older alignment run didn’t calculate that, it would prevent the image from showing.

Short version: Adam is actually right. Try running just the Camera Align process again and that could just fix it.

Same problem ( windows 10 no recent updates) tried to recalibrate lens, and LB crashes as soon as I press capture for first position of dots.

You don’t need to re-calibrate the lens, just re-run the camera alignment part. The crash when doing the lens calibration is almost always because it finds the honeycomb pattern and sees thousands of “circles”.

That was it! My problem was just op error. Thanks for the quick response

@Kelly465 - Did re-running the camera alignment work for you?

Sorry for the delay to respond! I had to walk away for awhile before I put my machine up for sale.

OS - Windows 10 Home edition

No the Camera alignment is Way off and I have to re calibrate the the camera again. I am in the process of putting a new computer in my workroom and it will be a week or so before I can walk through the calibration process.

I will post when all is GOOD.

I calibrated and alignment and works PERFECTLY! Thanks Lightburn.


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