Lightburn camera troubleshooting

I received one of the Lightburn USB cameras a while back and just got around to trying it on the Windows 7 desktop that I use to prepare my Lightburn files. It seems to have installed fine and loaded the drivers but I don’t get a camera image in the Camera Control window even though “LightBurn Camera” was selected in the Camera dropdown. Are there any ideas on what to try next?

I’m running LB 0.8.07 on an HP Z400. LightBurn Camera shows up in Imaging Devices on Device Manager. I don’t have my laser connected to this PC and I’m assuming that shouldn’t make a difference. If it would help troubleshoot, I can try the camera on a Win 10 notebook.

Read through this topic: another user had a similar issue with Win 7 and found an update that fixes it: Does Camera work on Windows 7