Lightburn Camera using Lightburn Bridge?

Got a 60W OMTech CO2 cutter last week and just got the Lightburn Camera. I’m trying to figure out my workflow and, ideally, I can use Lightburn on my Macbook wirelessly but still be able to use the camera. The laser is in my garage and can be hooked up to Ethernet or via Lightburn Bridge.

Should I just use something like USB/IP to make the camera available to my Macbook? What are some other options other than connecting both to USB or having a dedicated computer (other than a Raspberry Pi) in there?

I see some conversation about Camera support on Bridge about two years ago. Any updates there? Setting up lightburn bridge to camera? - #6 by dizzyd

Looks like some people are using OBS as a workaround but that seems a little clunky.

The LightBurn Bridge allows an incompatibility in serial communication between the Mac and the Ruida Controller to be overcome. It’s not intended to offer you an opportunity to work at a significant distance from the laser.

There is no USB camera support or IP camera support through the LightBurn Bridge. LightBurn does not offer IP camera support.

Connecting the camera via USB is your best bet and currently the only supported option.

You may have success connecting your Ruida controller to your home Ethernet router or switch with a CAT 5 or better cable. With the Engraver on your home network you should be able to bypass the challenges associated with getting a Mac to communicate directly with a Ruida controller.

The LightBurn bridge will use its own Ethernet port and it’s WiFi to connect to your Macbook WiFi like any other stand alone device.

Remoting into a dedicated computer is a risky proposition. It’s a really bad idea.

No, Nothing on this at this time.

Several of my colleagues here have been unsuccessful in replicating this.

Laser engravers are modern day fire-breathing dragons and left unattended they burn down garages, sheds and homes.

If you’re into hacking…

I got this to run on the PI, really loaded the wifi… I had thought @berainlb had done this, but couldn’t find the thread…


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