Lightburn Camera with RaspberryPi running motion

So I have done some research and came up with an IP based camera using the RaspberryPi Zero W and the Lightburn camera. I am running Motion, not Motioneye. Everything is showing up just how I wanted it to, image is clear, connects using an IP camera adapter on Windows, etc. The problem I am experiencing now is trying to calibrate the camera in Lightburn. I am getting, what I assume to be, an error when trying to capture an image. I have the circle pattern in the center of my machine, and press capture, then I get the message “Image 0 (1296 x 1296) : 976-try again”. At first I thought this may be the score; however, it is not changing. I didn’t know if anyone has tried this method of connecting to see if it can work. I may need to use MotionEye OS to be able to use this but I figured it was worth a shot this way. I have tested the camera directly connected to my computer and it works flawlessly, but my computer is not able to be directly beside my machine and do not want a cable stretched across my room for my child to trip over every time he is in here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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