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Hi, when I use the light burn camera, I do the capture, then I do the trace, I can never get the lines smooth around the edges. This become problematic on large objects because there are a lot of jagged edges. No matter which direction you run the threshold, the edges never get smooth When you are trying to make hundreds of duplicates, that makes for a lot of sanding to get rid of this.

You have listed “keya0129” as your machine. I am not familiar with this system nor which controller/firmware is used to drive it. This is helpful information so please share.

To start, please provide a screen capture of what you see in full-screen LightBurn and another picture of the resulting cuts. We can go from there.

I have a Boss 1420 with the 140 degree camera mounted at ~300mm above the bed.

OK, thanks for this. You can edit/update this machine information in your forum profile. This is very helpful information as we support many different systems and need it to provide appropriate responses.

I believe the Boss LS 1420 uses a Ruida controller. We still need the screen captures to “see” what you are describing.

hi rick

we get a similar issue with scans, the edge can be a little jagged sometimes.

often it’s a simple straight line but the auto trace makes dozens of nodes , where just two would be enough.

what we need is a lasso method to multi-select nodes, in order to quickly select and delete them if they are superfluous.

at the moment i do this one node at a time , which takes ages.


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Multi-selection of nodes has been suggested and you can add your support for adding this feature here:

‘Trace Image’ can create “jagged edges” when the original art is low resolution or grainy. There are a few controls that can help with this in the ‘Trace Image’ window. You can zoom that window to better see the resulting changes when adjusting the trace controls. After the trace, you can also try using the ‘Edit’->‘Optimize selected shape’ to see if you can achieve a more desirable resulting shape. You will need to ungroup to select the desired path to optimize.

optimise path?
i haven’t tried that for a while

i will give it a go

thank you

Once you trace, can you manipulate the nodes?

Sure, just like tracing any other image. You get a lot of vectors that you can ungroup and edit.

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