Lightburn cannot connect to my F1 laser anymore please help?

Lightburn suddenly stopped connecting to my F1 laser I have tried excluding ports but I am unable to add the excluded ports txt to the excluded ports file on my macbook. I am not reaI computer savvy though but is there another way to get it to connect? It still works with creative space. I have also made all the necessary updates in both lightburn and creative space.

Are you still having problems with this?

Regarding the port exclusions, make sure the file is named correctly and in the right folder, see : Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation if you are still having issues attach that file here, so we can check it.

Try restarting that laser, when it’s fully started right-click the ‘Devices’ button, to retry the connection.

I have been following several Mac related connection issues. Some were fixed by using a USB hub and plugging the laser into that. Some of these issues have been related to USB C ports on new M1 Mac. Other issues were fixed just by swapping cables. Try some of the easy fixes first before trying to change configuration files etc. You can also try reinstalling the drivers.

We were able to fix that issue but now it is not framing again.

We were able to fix that issue but now its not framing. Have you encountered this issue before?

Regarding framing, are you currently using the infrared laser?

If you setup this device using the device configuration file from XTool then (according to a YouTube review) you must use a Console Window macro button to switch to the visible ‘BLUE_LASER’, before you can ‘Frame’ normally, then click ‘RED_LASER’ before running your infrared job.

It seems to me that a custom device type may be required to better operate this machine. I believe the F1 is on our developers list of machines to look at, so watch this space for improvements in the near future.

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