Lightburn can't find laser

Hi there,

I bought a new laptop today, have installed Lightburn and activated my product key, but Lightburn can’t find my laser.

Its a Bodor laser with a Ruida controller.

Any help is truly appreciated.

Many thanks

What version of LightBurn and OS are you running? What did you try and what was the result? Please provide the step-by-step process you took and the exact results. We can go from there.

Sorry for the delay! It’s the latest version. It works now as a tech for one of my other machines installed different USB drivers for me.

Now I’m just having issues with Lightburn freezing almost daily :exploding_head:

You are the first person reporting this issue and have not offered much as to what you were doing and what is happening when “freezing” happens. Would need to know that before we can offer assistance.

So @kimmicks07, are we talking about the same issue here? If so, please do not double post as that makes us work twice as hard to support the same user. That is not fair to LightBurn nor any other user that might have to wait while we answer both your posts with the same answers. Please don’t do that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry, you can delete my other post then. I thought I had to create a new topic as it was a different issue to this one.

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